Basic – $500 (includes recurring annual hosting of $270 per year.)

Our basic package includes 10 WordPress pages, complete with custom information about your company. This includes graphics and logos to make your site sparkle! (You can provide any graphics or logos that you want to include or we could create them for you for an additional fee.)

Custom – $750 (includes recurring annual hosting of $325 per year.)

With our custom pages, we provide more direct communication from your clients. You can select two forms for your customers to give details about their needs and interests. This allows you to be better informed before the first face-to-face contact is made.

Deluxe – $1,200 (includes recurring annual hosting of $500 per year.)

Our Deluxe package includes even more options for contact forms and combines that with the added attraction of customized images and sliders, to present the most original face your company can offer. With the deluxe package at your disposal, your site can take on new life!